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Revolutionizing Longevity Biology: A Journey with Rejuve.Bio

Can technology be the key to achieve longevity?


Meet Kennedy Schaal, CEO of Rejuve.Bio, on a mission to democratize longevity biology. With a background in evolutionary biology and genetics, Kennedy brings a unique perspective to the field.

Unraveling the Mystery of Longevity:

Kennedy shares insights from the renowned Methuselah fly project, where selective breeding has extended the flies' lifespan to seven months, far surpassing the typical four to six weeks.

Why Fruit Flies?

Discover why fruit flies are a key focus of Rejuve.Bio's research—they share 70% of our genomic information and offer a simplified model for studying longevity interventions.

Bridging the Gap with AI:

Combining data from fruit flies with human datasets and advanced AI, Rejuve.Bio aims to revolutionize longevity research and uncover new insights.

Empowering Everyone:

Kennedy's vision is to make longevity research accessible to all, allowing individuals to contribute their own data and be part of groundbreaking discoveries.

The Path Ahead:

Rejuve.Bio has three product avenues in the pipeline, including a biomedical research platform, science-backed supplements, and partnerships for drug development.

Join the Journey:

Don't miss out on the opportunity to be part of Rejuve.Bio's mission. Visit to learn more and participate in their equity crowdfund. Together, let's shape the future of longevity biology.

Visit our Crowd Fund here:

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