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AI for healthy human longevity

Exclusive Human

and Animal-Model Data

Neural-symbolic AI

Systems-Biology Aging Model

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Rapid Development
of Longevity Treatments via Neural-Symbolic AI Analysis of Cross-Organism Data

Rejuve Biotech is unique in using a long-lived animal model, crowdsourced human data sets, and next-gen neural-symbolic and crowdsourced AI to rapidly develop effective healthspan-enhancing and aging-related disease mitigating products.

Advanced AI and Rich Cross-Organism Data Provide New Avenues for Solving Aging Rapidly

By using advanced AI to combine data from the long-lived Methuselah Flies and other model organisms with data from the Rejuve Network

and other human populations,  we can shorten the drug discovery pipeline and rapidly develop novel therapeutics to help people live longer.


Unique data resource: the Methuselah flies

Exclusive rights to data from long-lived Methuselah Flies (fruit flies) bred for longevity.

Multiple interventions and combinations of treatments can be tested across their entire lifespan.


Tokenomically-Incentivized Network

Crowdsourced Human Data from a Tokenomically-Incentivized Network collected by partner company Rejuve Network.


Unlimited AI tools on a decentralized platform

World-leading community of scientists using neural-symbolic machine learning, reasoning, and transfer learning to analyze animal model data and make hypotheses about human longevity.


Integrated neural, symbolic and evolutionary AI

Unique highly advanced AI toolkit developed for over a decade for exactly this research; dynamically leveraged and updated by neural, symbolic and evolutionary algorithms.


Early AI analysis of Methuselah fly genomic data has already yielded breakthroughs

Rejuve Biotech is developing an innovative drug discovery platform and translational medicine service that combines an in-house model organism population with a unique analytical platform. The platform combines state-of-the-art machine learning and artificial general intelligence methods with a continuously updated biomedical knowledge graph integrating human and model organism databases.


The Rejuve Biotech model of choice is the long-lived Methuselah Fly, a type of Drosophila melanogaster (fruit fly), selectively bred over hundreds of generations to live up to 5 times longer than wild-type flies.  


We can use the sequencing technology to identify specific pathways that contribute to the Methuselah Flies’ longevity and then use AI and machine learning tools to integrate that information with human health and omics data, allowing us to identify common genetic pathways that can be studied in real-time using the flies’ relatively short lifespan, shortening the drug discovery pipeline, and helping to develop therapeutics that will target aging and aging-related disease

Memex Nutraceutical  Restores Alzheimer-model flies to mobility

Memex Nutraceutical Shown Effective for Humans with Mild/Moderate Alzheimer’s

Research results

The Rejuve Biotech team's earlier AI analyses correlating Methuselah fly data with human genomics and medication databases have already demonstrated proof of concept, with the resulting treatment preserving cognitive function in Alzheimer’s patients.

  • A supplement targeting AMPK, among other pathways, was developed in 2013 for Genescient Corp. using the results of Dr. Goertzel’s AI analysis of Methuselah Fly data and then tested in patients suffering from mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease over the course of 15 months.

  • Patients taking the supplement were able to maintain cognitive function above the expected disease trajectory, 

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Our Team


Kennedy Matsagas Schaal

Chief Executive Officer



Michael Duncan

Chief Science Officer



Dr. Axel Schumacher

Chief Biotechnology Officer



Lewis Farrell

Senior Marketing Consultant



Hedra Yusuf

Chief Technology Officer



Abulrahman S. Omar

Lead Machine Learning Engineer



Janet Adams

Chief Operation Officer


Dr. Ben Goertzel

Chief AI Scientist



Our Partners


The time is Now for Rejuve Biotech to revolutionize Longevity Treatments and extend human life to all new levels - Why?

There are more aging humans on the planet today than ever before. Aging and related diseases are very expensive, costing individuals and global economies trillions of dollars in health and elder care.
Genetic sequencing and AI technologies have advanced to the point where they can be used efficiently and in tandem to discover important pathways and drugs.
Aging is now viewed as a disease that can be treated and/or prevented rather than an inevitability, making investment in the longevity space much more rewarding.
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Not your average pharmaceutical company!

  • Disease targets are identified using high-resolution multi-omics data and AI tools.

  • Uniquely advanced AI is used to identify promising small molecules and compounds that act on disease targets.

  • Rejuve Biotech product development is more efficient thanks to an established animal model, AI, and a community of early customers from partner company Rejuve Network.

  • Additional insights will be generated by licensing our methods and techniques to other biotech projects.

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