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Introducing Rejuve Biotech: Leveraging AI to Unlock a Longer, Healthier Life

Can technology be the key to achieve longevity?

Humanity is becoming older.

The world’s population average age has increased by 10 years in the last five decades, and forecasts show that it will continue to increase. This is causing the global population pyramid to turn into a bell.

In a world where the population is aging, agelessness is becoming increasingly important.

Over the years, humanity has relied on technology and science to not only extend human life, but also increase the quality of living during the third age.

Yet, this ambitious goal comes not without challenges. Recognizing the relevance of this paradigm change and the necessary adaptations that will be required by human society, Rejuve Biotech intends to reinvent aging research by combining powerful AI-driven approaches and cross-organism insights.

The Quest for Longevity Isn’t Over

Modern medicine is one of the greatest wonders of science.

Through extensive research and technological developments, we have extended the average human life for 20 years—from 52 to 72 years—since 1960.

Technology has been instrumental in extending human life expectancy and enhancing overall health and quality of life. Today, we can optimize our health with affordable access to advanced diagnostic tools based on advanced imaging techniques and genetic analysis; while real-time monitoring wearables can identify potential problems before they occur.

On the other hand, medical advancements such as vaccines and antibiotics, have drastically reduced mortality rates from infectious diseases and improved treatments for various health conditions.

We’ve come a long way, but there’s still much work to do. Over the last few years, the increase in healthcare costs has deprived millions of people of the medication and treatments they need.

The situation is even worse in the United States, where healthcare is 6% more expensive every year. Morse importantly, latest data estimates that 112 million (44%) American adults struggle to cover the costs of the medicine and therapeutics they need.

To continue extending human life and ensuring our elders can enjoy good health and wellbeing, we have to upgrade drug discovery and therapeutic development processes, lowering their costs and increasing their efficiency.

This is precisely what Rejuve Biotech aims to achieve.

Uncovering the Secrets of Youth

Rejuve Biotech focuses on identifying new targets and pathways for therapies that could mitigate age-related diseases like Alzheimer's, cardiovascular disease, and cancer through advanced artificial intelligence, cross-organism insights, and cutting-edge multi-omics research.

Among our innovative approaches, we’re using deep learning algorithms to uncover novel biomarkers of aging in various model organisms, such as the extremely long-lived Methuselah fruit flies.

These biomarkers could lead to early diagnosis of age-related decline in humans and new preventative treatments.

Additionally, Rejuve Biotech is committed to developing new routes for longevity and age-defying wellbeing by leveraging multifaceted research and development approaches in different healthcare fields.

Accelerating Drug Discovery and Therapeutics Development for Aging

Longevity doesn’t only mean living longer—reaching the final stages of our lives being energetic and spirited.

We want all elders to be able to lift their grandchildren, take long walks, exercise, or dance whenever they want to.

Through modern techniques, we can develop senolytic drugs that enable people of old age to live their lives to the fullest by selectively eliminating senescent cells, which accumulate with age and can lead to aging-related diseases.

Our company uses advanced neural-symbolic AI to rapidly screen and identify senolytic compounds that could be translated into human clinical trials. In mouse studies, for example, clearing senescent cells has been shown to delay, prevent, or alleviate multiple age-related conditions.

Rejuve Biotech also aims to pioneer research into partial cellular reprogramming to reverse aspects of aging. Concretely, we can rejuvenate aged cells and tissues safely by modulating key reprogramming factors.

This approach has potential to revitalize the immune system, enhance tissue regeneration, and treat diseases of aging like osteoarthritis—overall greatly improving quality of life for the third age.

Led by the World’s Most Visionary Researchers

Rejuve Biotech is proudly led by some of the industry’s most visionary and ambitious professionals, who drive the company's unique research and development for the future of human health and are the heart of the company’s pioneering work.

Kennedy Schaal, the CEO of Rejuve Biotech, is a seasoned biotechnology executive with a proven track record in applied genomic research and AI-driven techniques. Kennedy's leadership has been fundamental in pushing Rejuve Biotech towards revolutionary discoveries and innovative solutions for age-defying wellness, with a passion for furthering longevity science.

Along with Kennedy are also:

  • Dr. Ben Goertzel, Chief AI Scientist: Ben is a renowned cross-disciplinary scientist who leads the company's AI endeavors. With expertise spanning artificial general intelligence and cognitive science, his groundbreaking research pushes the boundaries of AI's impact on human longevity.

  • Dr. Axel Schumacher, Chief Biotech Officer: Axel is a distinguished geneticist and serial entrepreneur. He serves as Chief Biotech Officer. His expertise in genetics, precision medicine, and digital health drives Rejuve Biotech's novel approach to drug discovery and therapeutic development.

  • Hedra Yusuf, Chief Technical Officer: As the Chief Technology Officer, Hedra infuses every workflow and process with cutting-edge technological prowess. With a background in software engineering and expertise in AI, her contributions are instrumental in driving innovative solutions.

  • Michael Duncan, Chief Science Officer: Michael's vast experience in AI and bioinformatics propels Rejuve Biotech’s scientific breakthroughs. His exceptional research at the intersection of AI and biology will undoubtedly shape the future of anti-aging therapies.

Thanks to their leadership and initiatives and through their relentless pursuit of scientific excellence and cutting-edge technologies, Rejuve Biotech is pioneering transformative research in longevity, revolutionizing the field of aging science.

Shifting the Paradigm Through Scientific Innovation

The innovative discoveries of Rejuve Biotech challenge traditional concepts of aging and provide new insights into healthspan and age-defying wellness.

Merging advanced AI algorithms, cross-organism insights, and cutting-edge multi-omics research, we are opening doors to previously unknown territory in the medical field, paving the way for transformative approaches to human lifespan.

As we make progress toward drugs, therapies, and interventions that promote longevity by targeting aging, we accelerate towards a future where not only longevity but also healthspan—the number of years spent in good health—can be greatly increased across the globe.

The implications for humanity are monumental.

Our goals go beyond simply discovering the secrets of agelessness; they comprehend a fundamental revolution in how society views aging and human health.

Through technological innovation and scientific progress, we aim to catalyze a shift in thinking—from aging as inevitable to aging as treatable.

Rejuve Biotech's pioneering longevity research, which bridges the gap between advanced technology and human biology, lays the foundation for a transformative era in the quest for a longer and healthier life, resonating through generations to come.

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